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  • Research Center of Health Science.
    1. Research and Diagnostic Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases
    2. Research and development center for medical diagnosis and clinical lab // Center for Research and Development of Medical Diagnostic Laboratories
    3. Melioidosis Research Center
    4. Center of quality of life promotion for working aged people.
    5. Research and service center for diseases diagnosis of new epidemic.
    6. Liver Fluke and Cholangiocarcinoma Research Center
    7. Research center for cleft lip and palate patients under Tawan Chai Project
    8. Research and development center for herbal products for health   
    9. Research and development center of herbal products for health, Khon Kaen University.
    10. Centre for Research and Training on Gender and Women's Health

    Research Centre of the Human & Social Sciences
    1. Mathematics Education
    2. Center for Research on Plurality in the Mekong Region
    3. Center for Research on Mekong Regional Tourism
    4. ASEAN Language Center
    5. Center for Civil Society and Nonprofit Management (CSNM) 
    6. Digital Humanities
    7. Research Group on Wellbeing and Sustainable Development (WeSD)
    Research specialist groups
    1. Cardiovascular / blood vessel research.
    2. Genomics and Proteomics research for rice strain improvement  
    3. Forest silk products raising research and development for creating added value
    4. Back pain, neck pain, joint pain and others.
    5. Diabetes prevention and control in the Northeastern region
    6. Nervous system research and development, KKU
    7. Melatonin research
    8. Supply chain and logistics system
    9. Energy efficiency/ sufficiency
    10. Embedded systems research
    11. Proteins and Proteomics
    12. The chemistry of natural products research.
    13. Education assessment and quality assurance  
    14. Economic and trade in Indo-China countries
    15. Varietal Improvement of Peanut and Jerusalem Artichoke for Increasing Product Value and Quality as a Functional Food
    16. Business and Economic Research in the Northeast
    17. Sustainable development.
    18. Stroke research in the Northeast.
    19. Exercise and Sport Sciences Development and Research Group

    The Research Centers of Excellence are supported by the Commission on Higher Education of Thailand, and KKU is currently joined by 5 networks:
        1. Postharvest Technology Innovation/ Transfer Center, Faculty of Engineering
        2. Graduate Studies and Research Network Development Project on Agricultural Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture.
        3. Network development project and graduate studies and chemistry research, Faculty of Science
        4. The network Center of Excellence in Mathematics (CEM), Faculty of Education.
        5  Network and national center of excellence in Environmental and Hazardous Substance Management, Faculty of Engineering

KKU has set up the direction of research work to be outstanding and creative as a world leading research center in outstanding research work of KKU:

  1. Medicine, Public Health and Tropical Medicine and health.// Tropical Disease Research Laboratory (TDR)//        
  2. Food and food for health
  3. The holistic river basin management
  4. Mathematics and Science studies
  5. Bio-fuels.
  6. Bio-diversity of Mekong River basin.
  7. Arts, culture and society in the Great Mekong sub-region (GMS).
  8. Thai herbal and health products // Center for Research and Development of Herbal Health Products
  9. Business, economic and tourism in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

KKU is regarded as a national university of research projects which aim to present all 6 clusters of research proposals including

  1.  Health problems, especially in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.
  2.  Food products and food for Health in the Northeast region
  3.  Integrated Watershed Management
  4.  improving the quality of basic/ fundamental education.
  5.  Bio-fuels.
  6.  Advanced and special materials

 Research Centre of   Science & Technology Units

  1. A joint Research center for dedicating to the hard disk drive components
  2.  Agricultural Machinery and Postharvest Technology Center
  3. Research and development centre for renewable energy.
  4. Center of Geoinformatics for the Development of Northeast Thailand
  5. Research center for innovation and intellectual technology
  6. Groundwater Research Center
  7. Integrated Nanotechnology Center, KKU
  8. Fermentation Research Center for Value Added Agricultural Products
  9. Plant Breeding Research Center for Sustainable Agriculture
  10. Sustainable Infrastructure Research and Development Center
  11. Tropical Feed Resources Research and Development Center
  12. Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center for Sustainable Economy
  13. Applied Taxonomic Research Center
  14. Research and development center for integrated water resources management.
  15. Research Center for Environmental and Hazardous Substance Management

Working agencies that help support research:

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